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Bruce Withrow

Toronto Facilitator

Strategic Planning | Customer Advisory Boards

Bruce founded Meeting Facilitators International in 1992 to meet the need for a different type of facilitator. A facilitator who could work with senior management and who understood strategy. Since then, he has facilitated over 900 strategic planning sessions across Canada and the United States. In early 2000 he began to work with a second group of clients. These clients needed facilitators for customer advisory boards made up of senior executives.
Business-focused and results-driven, Bruce works closely with senior management teams and their boards. While his clients come from different industries they all share one overriding concern. To make things better. Better decisions, better plans, and better execution.
A skilled, neutral, and independent facilitator, Bruce navigates his clients through high-stakes meetings. He keeps them on time and on task no matter how demanding the group or subject matter may be. Clients are often surprised to learn that Bruce does not work only in their fields. They are impressed with his ability to quickly master and assimilate new and often esoteric material.
His strategic planning clients come from Non-Profit Associations and entrepreneurial businesses. His advisory board clients include regular users and first-timers. He has facilitated advisory boards for pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and many other industries.
“Our neutrality and objectivity are highly-valued by our clients. We are the only people in the room who don’t have a stake in the outcome. This means we can be impartial and unbiased. And by taking over the facilitation of the meeting, the CEO can participate in a way they never could before. This – combined with our experience and our toolkit – is what we bring.”
Bruce served on the board of Strategic Leadership Forum in Toronto and chaired their most successful conference ever. He was also the innovator behind a brand new series of events that is still running today. His degree is from the University of Toronto and he is a CPA by background. Bruce lives in Caledon, just outside of Toronto, Ontario.
Bruce Withrow

Bruce Withrow

Founder of Meeting Facilitators International

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