Facilitator Profiles

Toronto | Chicago| Washington DC
Toronto Strategic Facilitator, Bruce Withrow

Bruce Withrow

Founder of Meeting Facilitators International

Bruce founded Meeting Facilitators International in 1992 to meet the need for a different type of facilitator. A facilitator who could work with senior management and who understood strategy. Since then, he has facilitated over 900 strategic planning sessions, corporate retreats, and customer advisory board meetings  [...]

Judy Busby

Chicago Facilitator

Judy is an energizing facilitator who joined Meeting Facilitators International in the spring of 2011. She lives in the Chicago area and has already had a number of clear facilitation wins to her credit. Her over 20+ years of business experience and advanced training in organizational development gives her a valuable perspective […]

Robin Camarote- Washington Meeting Facilitator

Robin Camarote

Washington Facilitator

Robin has expertise with and a deep cultural understanding of US federal agencies and non-profit organizations. Her specialty is bringing broken or disjointed teams together to develop a shared vision and path forward [...]

Serving the United States and Canada

Meeting Facilitators International has facilitators in Chicago IL, Washington DC, and Toronto, Canada. We work with clients across the United States and Canada. We have expertise in Strategic Planning, Board Retreats, Advisory Board Meetings, and Conferences. Our facilitators all have a minimum of ten year's experience working with senior management. 

We very much come from the school of thought of do one thing and do it well. Facilitation is our only business.

It's not just a better meeting, or a better plan, it's confidence that you will achieve results