Facilitation Services

Professional Meeting Facilitation, it’s all we do. We facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions, Board Retreats, Advisory Board Meetings, and Conferences. Our facilitators all have a minimum of ten years’ experience, and they all work with senior management. We are facilitators, not trainers.

Strategic Planning

Are you satisfied with your strategic plan? Most organizations aren’t. They have too many things to do, and no clear plan of how to get them done. We can help you build a better strategic plan.

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Whether it is a Board Retreat, Executive Retreat, or Staff Retreat, our clients all want the same thing. They want an accomplished facilitator who can work with senior executives.

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Advisory Boards

We facilitated our first Advisory Board meeting for Sanofi Aventis in 2002. Since that first pharmaceutical advisory board, we have worked with a whole host of different products.

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Conference Facilitation

Whether you need a single moderator or a team of conference facilitators we can help. We have years of experiencing in the design, facilitation, and reporting of conferences.

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Team Building Facilitation

While 90% of our clients don’t have a specific team building agenda item it is still a topic of interest. There are many ways that we can build team building into your next session.

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Specialized Facilitation

Over the years, we have accepted requests to provide very specialized facilitation services. These include product ideation sessions, steering committee meetings, and HAZOP reviews.
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