Conference Facilitation

Conference Facilitation

Whether you need a single conference facilitator or a team of breakout facilitators to handle simultaneous break-out sessions Meeting Facilitators International can help.

We can;

  • Help design the conference and any break-out sessions
  • Provide on-site facilitation
  • Take care of reporting.

We can provide as many facilitators as you need and are happy to work with your staff as co-facilitators. If your conference design requires the use of audience response systems we can work with your vendor or bring our trusted partner to you. If you need bilingual facilitation (English / French) we have bilingual facilitators.

Here are a few examples of the diverse conferences we have facilitated.

Health Canada Global Climate Change and Health

We provided a team of facilitators to this conference with half of the team being bilingual. The breakout groups addressed a wide range of themes related to global climate change and health. We worked closely with Mitchell Beer of the Conference Publishers who provided a team of writers to cover the conference. It was a highly successful collaboration.

Canadian Curling Association Congress

This conference was a congress with 75 delegates from all of the Provincial Associations. A presentation was made to the Congress on eight interconnected issues to be addressed. We spent the majority of the day with people rotating among the eight topics in a series of breakout groups. Once the rotation was completed we used individual sticky dots to understand which solutions to the eight issues had the greatest support.

District of Muskoka Heritage Property

This conference was to obtain public input on potential land use restrictions on designated heritage property. We used a combination of small group breakout discussions and audience response systems to get the client the feedback they were looking for.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you get what you want from your next conference please contact Meeting Facilitators International. The initial consultation is always free.

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