Specialized Facilitation

Over the years, we have accepted requests from clients to provide very specialized facilitation services, like the facilitation of HAZOPs a type of facilitated risk review. We have also been very successful building facilitated workshops around best-selling business books. Following are some case studies based on this work.

HAZOP Facilitation Case Study

In December of 2011, we facilitated our first HAZOP study for a company in the design phase of the processing plant for a new mine. We published a blog post on this and since this time, we have completed more HAZOPS using specialized software as part of the process. Learn more about HAZOP facilitation.

Good to Great Facilitation Case Study

We had already completed several successful sessions for this client when he asked us to develop another workshop for him based on the best-selling business book Good to Great. This case study provides a brief overview of the book and then describes how we facilitated the discussion of some of the key concepts. Learn More about Good to Great Facilitation.

How the Mighty Fall Facilitation Case Study

We were surprised when the CEO of one of the most successful companies on the London FTSE stock exchange contacted us last year wanting to discuss how we might go about facilitating a workshop based on How the Mighty Fall. Learn More about How the Mighty Fall Facilitation.

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