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Strategic Planning Retreat Facilitators

We have been providing facilitators for annual strategic planning retreats, and customer advisory board meetings since 1992. We have facilitators in Toronto Ontario, Chicago Illinois, New York City,  and Washington DC.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic planning retreats or offsites are probably one of the most important events on the executive team’s calendar, yet many managers express frustration with their past experiences. We believe that the right facilitator can make all the difference in the world. Over the past twenty years we have run over 980 strategic planning retreats and advisory board meetings.

We are:

  • Neutral and unbiased
  • Experienced in working with senior executives and their boards
  • Well versed in many different approaches to strategy
  • Capable of providing, design, facilitation, and reporting
  • Familiar with many different industries
  • Available for free initial consultation

Corporate Retreat Facilitation

A corporate retreat is the perfect opportunity to get away from the all-consuming day-to-day pressures of the office and to focus on the real work of the senior management team. It is a time to:

  • Discuss Strategy
  • Address major issues
  • Make key decisions
  • Set priorities
  • Clarify your vision
  • Establish action plans

We can help you with planning, design, facilitation and reporting. Twenty year’s experience as a meeting facilitator tells us what works, and what doesn’t work. For our ideas on how to get the most out of a Corporate Retreat please see Corporate Retreat Facilitation.

Facilitator Profiles

We are a group of experienced meeting facilitators focused on strategic planning and corporate retreats. Our facilitators are Canadian and American.  To find out more about our team, please see our Meeting Facilitator Profiles page.

How are we different?

  • Meeting Facilitation is our only business — we are facilitators, not trainers.
  • We guarantee our work — if you aren’t satisfied you don’t pay.
  • We do the work — we aren’t just a facilitator speaker’s bureau.

Customer Advisory Board Consulting

If you need a facilitator for an Advisory Board meeting please give us a call. We have lots of advisory board facilitation experience. Please see Advisory Board Facilitator.

How We Work

We do not believe that there is “one right way” to do strategic planning, or to hold a management retreat. If we design a session for you it will be based on your needs and your situation. For a further description of how we work, please see our Facilitation Approach page.

Where do we work?

We have completed engagements in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. The majority of our business is however in the US and Canada.

Contact Us

Looking for a meeting facilitator? Please Contact us the initial consultation is always free.

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